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May 23, 2006
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incognito bear by ilovegravy incognito bear by ilovegravy
Remember the episode of the Simpsons when Homer is banned from Moe's bar, and then some dude walks in later looking EXACTLY like Homer, except with a monocle and mustache, etc.? :giggle:

Back at Moe's Tavern, a man in a top hat with a mustache walks in. He
looks and sounds like Homer, only he has a British accent.

Guy: Greetings, good men. Might I trouble you for a drink?
Moe: Oh, get out of here, Homer.
Guy: Homer? Who is Homer? My name is Guy Incognito.
[he gets beaten up and tossed out, unconscious]
Homer: [walks up, looks at Guy] [gasps] Oh my God! This man is my exact
double. [gasps] Oh my God! That dog has a puffy tail!
[he chases it, giggling] Here, Puff! Here, Puff!

from: [link] :D

that episode also had the hilarious scenes with the Cheers bar, and then the lesbian bar :rofl: hahaha "WAITAMINUTE! This lesbian bar doesn't have any fire exits!!!! ENJOY YOUR DEATH TRAP, LADIES." ... "What was her problem?" ahahalh;sdlfksadfkljdsa GOOD TIMES :pringles:

In short, I love mustaches :pringles:, the word "INCOGNITO", and bears. also the font Cooper Black (even though it is oft overused :hmm:), suffice it to say, this is definitely one of my favorite pictures ^^; :love:

made in illustrat0rzzz :batman: also, this is the first of a series, featuring my beloved bear ^__^

Soon* to be a t-shirt, with fancy fuzzy print!!!! :O :heart:

and also, holy eff, do I ever love the "preview description" button!!!!!!!! :love::happycry: there are times when I shake my head, fist or eyes (wait, haha) at DA, but stuff like this makes up for all of that.

I need to be at work in 3 hours. Haven't slept yet. So what else is new :shrug: I really needed to post something new here to bring up my spirits a bit. Still been in a pretty crappy rut as of lately :hmm:

But hilarious Simpson episodes are always a good remedy :) haha, god, and I actually really like the Dixie Chicks new song ^^; (I wasn't a fan prior) oh goodness, and on the topic of mustaches, if you love novelty music, you MUST check out the musical stylings of Max Raabe :love: :love: :love: omg I love him. His voice is so incredibly awesome, he sounds like he looks like Snidely Whiplash from Rocky & Bullwinkle!! [link] but really he looks like this: [link] :flirty: but yes, hilarious and/or amusing his music is. I recommend his cover of "Oops, I did it Again" or "Lady Marmalade" as a starter (he has a ton of other covers; he put out two albums of covers. tonight I just discovered his cover of Shaggy's "Angel" hahaha :boogie:), or if you're really insane like me and just love his singing in general, just search for his stuff and check out his german songs too :D (he's german/performas with his band The Palast Orchestra)

haha, I love how this description got turned into a journal entry :slow: oh well, tis better to leave the jellybunnies contest entry at the top anyhow :D (EEP! I'm sorry I didn't add your entry yet ~Einsupercorgi!!! damn meeeee :shakefist: I will get right on that.)

also, if anyone wants this wallpaper in a bigger size, lemme know :pringles: :heart:

ok, time to submit so maybe I'll be able to sleep for all of half an hour. haaa :faint:

* "soon", meaning hopefully by some time next month.
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Drwhitey Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
INKOGNITHA Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
He is incognito...and I am inkognitha yeahh! :highfive:
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
cool!! :highfive:
honeybee69 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2008
Wallpaper in size 1280x800 would be great. =D
Airyu Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008
xD my friends and i love moustaches too. and pedo bears. and bear with moustaches. simply awesome. :3
heartscape Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
this is really nice but do you mind to tell this font's name? I used to use it a lot but I forgot its name right now. :D
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008  Professional Interface Designer

sure, the font is Cooper, or Cooper Black. :)
littlemissmoody Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007
awesome! it made me :giggle:
we used to cover our eyes and say "incognito" at the top of our lungs.
my friend actually walked straight past us when we did this so we thought it was brilliant! =)
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks!! Glad it gave you a laugh! ^_^ :heart:

haha, and your INCOGNITO! game sounds like good times :D
littlemissmoody Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2007
it's a really fun game. maybe try sometime?
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