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a few things...

:gummybear: HOORAY!! :iconrurouniuno: got my 1000th hit kiriban!! :boogie: :D
I've started planning your prize, and hopefully it'll be done some time in the next decade or so ^^; (again, apologies in advance!!)

:gummybear: speaking of kiribans, I was lucky enough to get :iconbeautiful-witch:'s 1000th hit!  And she drew me this cuuuute kitty as a prize!! ^____^  Thanks again!! :hug:


and now, some FUN NEWS!!! (and by "FUN" I mean "terribly painful" and other words and terms synonymous with that) it's kinda long (even though I was trying to be brief. haha  you know rambley ol' me ^^;) so if you're not interested, feel free to skip.

:cries: On Friday I got my two right wisdom teeth out x____X sigh.  I had my two left ones taken out in December (partially because my insurance only allowed for two at a time, partially so that I would have a side of my mouth FREE OF PAIN to chew on :hmm:)  I will spare you all my long rambley story (that, is unless you'd like to hear it, haha)  But here's the gist of what happened this time:

- the sun was in my eyes, THE ENTIRE TIME.
(they didn't have any curtains on their windows. wtf.)

- TEN NOVOCAINE INJECTIONS :( :( :( klasdj;flkasdjf;lkj

- no "knock out gas" or anything like that, as I get "bad trips" and can't handle those kinds of things @_@

- LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF DRILLING. (it felt like there was a damn power tool in my mouth x___x  I was thankful it didn't have the same high pitch that the cavity drills have... but instead, it was replaced with a WAAAY louder and WAAAY harsher vibration @__@)
I wanted to keep my teeth, unfortunately, they had to shatter those bastards to PIECES, so now all I have are little bits of teeth as a souvenier :(

- LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF YANKING. (and of course, since the doctor couldn't really be "nice" about it, he was TOTALLY crushing my face and basically yanking my ENTIRE HEAD when he tried to unearth my teeth [especially the top one, which brings me to my final point...])

- my top right wisdom tooth was apparently CONNECTED TO MY SINUS BONE!!!!!!! (or something like that) sigh.  So as a result, that one was a TOTAL BITCH to get out @_____@ :( :( :(
Furthermore, the doctor said that because it was connected all the way up there, I would be experiencing lots of nasal drip in my throat (you know, that feeling you get when you're sick, and your nose starts running into your throat... OR when you're swimming, and you inhale water.  That fun feeling.) and that I might get some nose bleeds, as I'll be bleeding from up in my sinuses, and since he stitched my gums back together, the bleeding won't be able to go through my mouth after the first day or two.

I'll spare you all the gory details, but let me just say this:



- and now, I'm currently on three medications.
1) Vicodin, to kill the pain (although I stopped taking that after the first day, due to SEVERE paranoia; I don't think my body can handle most hardcore pain killers like that, as I took percocet last time [aka, the hardest oral painkiller you can get on the market... legally, at least? haha] and OHHH man.  two words: DEATH NAUSEA.  actually, six words: DEATH NAUSEA DEATH NAUSEA DEATH NAUSEA :( :( :( so instead I just took Ibuprofen, and took any of the excess pain in stride, because I'd rather deal with the mouth pain, than DEATH NAUSEA @_@)
2) an antibiotic to prevent infection
3) a steroid... TO FUEL MY PATH TO THE OLYMPICS!!!!!1111... (kidding... I'm not much for sports. haha) bring down the severe swelling of my right cheek x___x

So yes, good times.  Fun for the whole family.  Overall, I would say that my recovery this time is VASTLY better than the last time (again, that's another story in itself), but the surgery this time was waaaaay worse :faint:

And hey, if any of you wanna share your own wisdom teeth experiences, I'd enjoy hearing about it XD haha

and here's the usual stuff for first time visitors....


Hello there!

I decided to join deviantART after noticing the vast amount of users here, as opposed to the -4905845 visitors that visit my art websites. hahah  So hopefully maybe more people will see my wonderful masterpieces* and be enlightened**.

With any luck, 1% of the comments will be positive! :D haha

ps- to see my art displayed in my own homemade layouts, here are links to my art sites:

edit: stupid me.  I didn't realize you had to have "quotes" around urls :shakefist:  I fixed the links here, so now they work.

- ASCII and you shall receive (ascii art)

- Polymer wants another dumb cliche (clay figures)

- Book cover art (fanart acryllic paintings)

- Arther (misc. art)

*and by "wonderful masterpieces" I mean "sorry excuses for art."

**and by "be enlightened" I mean, "not traumatized forever."


updated on 6/5/04
(I apologize for just tacking this on to my old journal entry. haha  But I mainly wanna use this entry as an intro post and keep it on my front page.)

reference for myself, my favorite emoticons ^_^

:snowing: :rudolph: :pringles: :pacman: :orange: :omg: :nieman: :milk: :mangapunksai: :liquify: :house: :gummybear: :flirty: :fatalbert: :faq: :faint: :explosion: :donut: :couch: :confused: :brushteeth: :brainless: :arc: :ambulance: :b0x0rz: :+devwatch: :lmao: :giggle: :boogie: :sarcasticclap: :sherlock: :glomp:
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bluespeed9 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The doctors said I was born with out wisdom teeth... guess I'm some kind of genetic throwback or something. :hmm:
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
Aww man, you're lucky!! And furthermore, "more evolved" as well! :D
bluespeed9 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"More evolved", eh? I dunno about that one. ;P
PrestoMatic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2004
:petting: *mad hugging for you* i remember getting my wisdoms pulled >< i got them pulled the day before my final exam for history, lol.
they did the shots for you too?? i think the worse part was getting that gel thing all over my gums, it felt like i was choking! :P do you look
like a chipmunk now? it must be so cute! :hug: hehehe... here is a story to make you smile painfully (j/k) - i was leaving the doctor's office
and remember how your mouth/chin is still numb? my mom and i were riding the elevator down to the car and there was a lady in with us, so
i tried smiling at her and she sort of looked horrified at me before getting out. when we got to the car, my mom looked at me and started
freaking out because i had been DROOLING blood and ickyness all over myself because i couldn't feel my mouth. lol!!! it was so funny, i was
laughing and drooling at the same time and my mom was trying to find tissue to clean the mess up.

i'm sure that you handled it much more gracefully though ^^;; hehe, please take care of yourself and get lots of rest!
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
lol and now a super outdated comment @_@

mann thank you so much for this comment :glomp: not only because of its supportiveness, but also because I TOO had a similar experience to you ^^; so back when I read it for the first time, it really cheered me up :)

actually, I had two separate experiences; I had two pulled last december (my left ones), and then the other two on the right pulled last month T_T anyhoo, during the first time, I totally had that drooling in front of complete strangers experience :hmm: I was walking about of the office wiping off the drool on my face, and looking overall very hagard and swollen x_x and of course, when the elevator door opened, there were like 3945804589 people (okay, like 15, but still, that's a LOT! o_o) outside the doors :faint:
and then, after the second time, as I was leaving the office, I said something to the nurse lady, and I like sprayed blood out of my mouth and all over their white door AND the invoice they gave me @____@ lolol so it looked like a murder scene or something! it was pretty funny, haha

that sucks that you had to get them taken out the day before your history final!! :faint: did you do okay?? :O

and yes, at the time, I did have a super swollen cheek x__x but only on one side, so I looked retarded or something ^^; lol

anyhoo, again, thank you so much for the nice/supportive comment!! :hug:
rurouniuno Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2004
@___@;;; :faint:
See, i'm really not easily grossed out...but it's the fact that i may get MY wisdom teeth out this summer that this story really really disturbs me! lol T_____T
That sounds seriously like quite the horrific experience, i've never heard a wisdom tooth story that involved so many drugs and blood @__@;;;
LOL and i cracked up so hard when i read this: "I AM SO GOTH, I AM DROWNING IN BLOOOOD!!!!1111" XD

But anyway, i hope you're recovering alright and won't be drowning in blood anymore!!! ^^; :hug:

Oh and about the kiriban, take your time...and i mean it! i'm one of the slowest artists ever when it comes to commissions and kiribans, so i completely understand XD
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you for all the well wishes :) :hug: I'm doing a liiiittle better, but the pain is still sorta around (thank GOD no nausea from the meds, though :faint:), and I've been having other extra stresses and anxieties from other things :hmm: so even though I SAID I wasn't gonna take anymore of those vicodin pain killers, I figured "Ah, the doctor prescribed me 20 of 'em, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to take a few more" ^^; (but don't worry, I'm not like, ODing or anything... yet. *as my friends drag me to an intervention* XD ) thank goodness I took this week off from work, cuz I look and feel SO crappy right now @___@

But ACK!! I'm sorry!!!! I didn't mean to scare you about your future wisdom teeth experience x____x (are you getting all four removed? or less?) Truthfully, I've known a BUNCH of people that have had perfectly fine wisdom teeth procedures (or at the very least, pretty tolerable, with no complications!!)... so hopefully yours will not end up so crazy as mine did @__@ ...but if it does, I feel your pain buddy!! and you can complain to me, cuz I will understand T__T

hahhaha, I'm glad you got a kick out of my "goth" line XD even in times of pain, I can't resist making stupid jokes :giggle:

and thank you for being understanding about my slow ass (lol) ^^; it's always good to know I'm not the only one who takes awhile to get stuff done XD I've started pre-planning what I'm gonna make you, though!!
rurouniuno Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2004
.....@__@;;; as long as you're not ODing....i'm happy...^^;
*makes some milkshakes* i's a nice thing to when you can't really chew? XD
And don't worry, i'm not that....scared...:faint: lol
i'm going to have a preliminary checkup thingy very very soon....T__T i'm praying i have less than 4 wisdom teeth ^^;
But i'll be sure to complain to you if anything goes wrong hehehe :hug:

Ooooh my kiriban has been pre-planned already??? YAYYYY!!!! :D
But yes, do take your time ^____^
Beautiful-Witch Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2004
O___________O :hug:
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
thankies :) :hug:
BrokenEver Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2004
Wow, that sounds horrible. I hope you feel better soon. :hug:
ilovegravy Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you :hug: I've been having a lotta other stresses/anxieties lately, so I'm trying to not think about it right now... x_x
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